Car Diagnostics

Car Diagnostics Leicester Wilton Street Garage

Car and Vehicle Diagnostics Leicester

Most modern cars and commercial vehicles are now fitted with some form of vehicle management system to control and maintain aspects of your vehicle’s operation and overall performance.

Carrying out tuning and repairs on modern cars can be difficult and requires the correct use of diagnostic equipment to perform professional modifications and software resets.

Our mechanics are fully trained to use some of the latest diagnostic equipment which ensures an effective and reliable repair to your vehicle.

The diagnostic tools, technical data and wiring diagrams that we use are to the latest standards for car diagnostics in the Leicester area.

Some of the more common faults that can be diagnosed and repaired by our technicians from our Leicester garage location include:

  • Engine Management Problem
  • Electrical Accessory Issue
  • Blower Motor Faults
  • Charging Faults
  • Emission Faults
  • ABS Faults
  • Lighting Faults
  • Warning Light Faults Resets
  • Car Not Starting
  • Car Tuning
  • Fuel Economy.

These are just some of car diagnostic problems which the mechanics can help you with. If you require car or other vehicle diagnostics near Leicester then we can help.

If you would like to book a diagnostic appointment call Sarah on Leicester (0116) 262 0936.